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Every Business Uses Computers, We rely on them every day. Imagine what it would be like if your computers SUDDENLY STOP WORKING.

altech_manDo you remember a time before everybody had a “device” ? A time before you “Googled” everything.
A time when computers where geeky and very intimidating. People didn’t specialise as Network Engineers or Software engineers.

You where either into computers or not and if you where, then you took on the whole thing, Software, Hardware and Human Interaction with the “Machine”.

Remember when there where no fancy acronyms such as “CIF”, “SEO”, “SEM”,…… and the only other use of “IT” was by Coca Cola when they told us “Coke is IT!”.

That time is where “Altech Computers” is from. Which means that we’ve probably seen IT all and done IT all. So your challenges, problems and issues will be solved Quickly, efficiently and properly. The first time every time, we guarantee IT.

We’ve been in the same premises for 22 years so you know that Altech is not going anywhere, we stand behind our work and are accountable. So that you have piece of mind. You always know where to find us.

Our team members are all professionals and specialise in there particular area. This means that exactly the right person will be working with you to solve your IT problems.

We will meet your IT challenges head on together with you so that you know what’s going on every step of the way.

“The Alltech team are the “minders” of my office. They are available at all times to assist with problem solving and computer issues. I feel secure and professional knowing they are also part of ‘my team’. “ I’m happy for you to place it anywhere as it’s an honest testimonial to you and your team .. Perhaps you can help me to place it on Facebook as well – Also Linkedin… ??? I’m still hopeless as you can see. I just need lessons and I’ll be a PRO All warmest wishes

Glen-Marie -Glen-Marie Frost

Burglary, fire and any other loss.

We will do an inventory of all the stock you had and all of your equipment, we will document the damage and asses the amount of damage. We can also cost the recover and replacement.

Altech can help by recovering any data an information for you. When all is documented we can replace your equipment.

Your equipment can be replaced almost immediately.

How can we help?

Say you where having problem with your network an the printers were not playing with everyone like they should so you need to expand and put more printers in and put them in the right place with all the right access to their use. What you need is a Network Engineer, well have no fear because Altech has one of those, which means that you have one and at wholesale prices. As if you employ that engineer. The only difference is you don't need to pay them whether you have work for them or not, you only pay for them when you need them.

No data loss is a big deal.

Data recovery is the process, method or art of recovering and restoring data (including images, audio and video) that has been lost, stolen, deleted(accidentally or otherwise), corrupted or made un-accessible for some reason or another.

There are a number of methods that can be used to recover your stuff, depending on the situation sometimes we don't even have to physically touch your equipment. We can do it remotely, this means that you don't have to bring in your hardware. We can connect to your network or system via the web and diagnose that data loss and recover it for you.

Our experts will come to you.

Our Technicians can travel to you and do all the necessary work at your premises.

Benefits of using a mobile technician:

  • You don't need to leave your office or workplace
  • We can troubleshoot the problem
  • Sometimes you just don't know where the problem lies
  • The machinery is just too bulky, big, cumbersome and un-manageable

We'll put in writing.

When you make your bed, you do it on a regular basis. You don't say I've made it once and that's it I never have to make it again.

Same thing goes for your car. You do not service it once and then say that that's it you have done it and you don't have to ever service it again.

and the same thing goes for your computers and network.










the way we rollin 3 steps

That time is where "Altech Computers" is from. Which means that we've probably seen IT all and done IT all. So your challenges, problems and issues will be solved Quickly, efficiently and properly. The first time every time, we guarantee IT.


Our team will look at your systems and with their keen eye and tools understand exactly what state your systems are in.


Our professionals will give you an extensive and exhaustive report, showing your current state of IT.


Altech's industry leaders really have seen it all, we will recommend exactly what you should do, nothing more and nothing less.