Business IT

We RESPOND FAST because we know how important TECHNOLOGY is for your BUSINESS SUCCESS

At Altech our core belief is in keeping your business technology working, all the time no exceptions. We can provide the best solution for any size business which means we are a perfect fit for you.

Each member of our team is a professional in their field and highly trained. Our Software and Hardware engineers are at the top of their game. The team at Altech is always on the look out for new and inovative solutions, so we can keep your business running as smoothly and self sufficiently as possible.

The world of computers is a constantly changing and constantly evolving industry, at Altech we always find the most stable solution for your business, so that your systems run as efficiently as possible. This allows you to do what you do best, run and grow your business. You will be happy and satisfied and we don’t bill you for hours of figuring out your solution. We only get paid for results.


Have you ever wished that you had your own IT Department? A Help Desk or a remote assistant that will take on your computer and networking headaches using the latest in remote access technologies to do it all for you?

Altech can provide you with your very own Virtual Business Systems Administrator. You get ALL of the  BENEFITS of having your own IT department, without all of the cost and headaches of running your own team.

At Altech we take an all encompassing, hands-on approach, where we look at your machines as an integral part -the backbone of your business. So we understand and make sure your systems are running smoothly and glitch free all the time. Rather than waiting for a problem we need to fix, we maintain the system all of the time so that we can see any issues before they become problems so that your business will not bleed money.

Our Virtual assistance is all done from Australia by our team of trained and qualified professionals. You will be able to communicate with them comfortably and easily. Because our virtual team is local you will always be on the same time of day.

There are a few key questions that you should ask.

  • How long have the computer network and machines been running? Has it been over three years ?
  • Was our system and network installed in one go or have there been additions done at different times?
  • Do you feel that there should be an easier and more productive way to utilise technology in your business?
  • Are your competitors more efficient than you?



At Altech we can do a precise and thorough audit of your whole system. Both software and hardware aspects of your network.



  • Review your licensing to make sure that you are current across your system, we make sure that you are fully compliant with any and all standards that apply to your business.
  • Report on total system efficiency, stability and performance. We make sure that your computers are performing at their peak state. Our team will provide you with full reports, we pride
  • ourselves in our accountability, so that you know you are getting the entire story. You will know and we will help you understand, What state your system is really in.
  • We tell you exactly what you should do to achieve peak state across your entire system.