What is the difference between web design and web development?

Are you thinking that i’ve gone insane and it’s the same thing. No, web development is not the same as web design.

Web design is the design of your page and site in general to be attractive and functional, to have flow and be pleasing to the eye.

And most of all, to make you money, to attract visitors and to conert these visitors in to customers or buyers.

And wait, there’s more (no knives) , we understand that you also want to retain your customer, because in most situations it has cost you some time , effort and money to get them. We know cause we feel the same way.

We look at the business as a whole all three sides.

  1. Customer Attraction
  2. Customer Conversion
  3. Customer retention

Well how is development different to that? You ask.

Web development is actually choosing the correct , programming language, platforms , systems and the actual roll up your sleeves and build part of websites, not the fluffy side, web developers only use photoshop to manipulate images so that they load quicker because they know this will matter to Google.