IT Consulting

What is IT Consulting?

Well, imagine that you had someone working for you that was a specialists in IT, an absolute artist in that particular area of computers that you need.

Say you where having problems with your network and the printers were not playing with everyone like they should, so you need to expand and put more printers in and put them in the right place with all the right access to their use. What you need is a Network Engineer, well have no fear because Altech has one of those, which means that you have one and at wholesale prices. As if you employ that engineer. The only difference is you don’t need to pay them whether you have work for them or not, you only pay for them when you need them.

What is the best way to use an IT Consultant and what really is an IT Consultant?

Ok, let’s begin with what an IT Consultant is not and that is an IT Consultant is not usually an all-rounder, it is usually someone who is very good at something very particular. Almost to the point of it being a problem for them because they live and breathe their discipline. An IT Consultant could be a software engineer, a hardware engineer, a network engineer and a myriad of other professionals. The best consultants are people who have actually worked in the real work and are on top of their game in the real world. The best way to use an IT Consultant? Only use one when you need to solve a particular challenge.

Altech brings all of the Professionals under one roof for your convenience, we have your needs covered. How can we help you?

Different types of IT Consultants

  • Software engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Sales Funnel specialist
  • Marketing consultant
  • Advertising consultant
  • HR consultant
  • Email Specialist
  • Exchange professional
  • Auto-responder architect
  • List management specialist

Pain that an IT Consultant alleviate for my business?

  • Figure out why my network is so slow.
  • Help me organize my customers in to something manageable.
  • Tell me exactly what new equipment I need to get.
  • Help me spend less money on my IT.
  • Help me save money in my business.
  • remove my confusion about all things computer.
  • Allow me to stop worrying about my computers and help me sleep at night.
  • Give me more time with my family.
  • Take over my IT headache.
  • Help me expand and grow my business.
  • Someone to take responsibility for my computers and network.
  • I will have someone to call when the proverbial hits the fan.