Maintenance Agreements

When you make your bed, you do it on a regular basis. You don’t say Ive made it once and thats it I never have to make it again.

Same thing goes for your car. You do not service it once and then say that thats it you have done it and you don’t have to ever service it again.

and the same thing goes for your computers and network.

If we keep going with the car analogy, your car is probably made up of parts that come from different vendors, yet thes parts all have to work together in perfect harmony. Well again, the same thing goes for your systems, your computer systems. You have parts that come from totally different vendors and manufacturers and software that comes from a totall different place.

For this all to work together in harmony you need to maintain it and maintain it on a regular basis.

If you Fail to maintain your system, your system will definately fail you and probably at the most inopportune moment.