Repairs & Upgrades


any computer failures and breakdowns you may be experiencing.

We will save you money and prevent your problems recurring.



With Altech’s expertise, we can quickly and effectively resolve any issues that exist, and most importantly implement solutions to prevent these issues occurring again. Utilising our proven methods, we can deliver a cost-efficient solution to increase productivity and have you up and running as soon as possible.

At ALTECH we only use genuine and original parts and components so your computers and systems will run at optimum performance, the way that they were intended to. Giving you a great piece of mind.

In today’s world both business and individuals alike rely so heavily and entirely on computers, devices and networks. It is imperative that you always have easy and quick access to help and support.

In most cases we will have you up and running on the same day, making sure that you do not lose any crucial business, time or money.

With Altech you have the option of receiving the greatest service at our workshop in Woollahra, at your location or with the convenience of remote support/ repair.

Out professional team will not only provide you with a no obligation quote we will be able to provide you with the right advice, most importantly weather your equipment is worth or not worth repairing. You can trust Altech staff to give you the right advice, just ask any of our 10000 plus clients.


Technology changes at a phenomenal rate, both software and hardware.
How do you know what you actually need? are you confused?

Our friendly staff with take you through all feasible options. Altech staff are highly trained and experienced, offering you the best options without breaking the budget.

It can be as simple as replacing your old Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a new Solid State Drive (SSD). Maybe a bit more RAM for that extra multitasking ability. A faster modem, bigger screen, you name it and will resolve.

Whether it be a hardware, or a software upgrade you are in safe hands. Our qualified software and hardware engineers are able to predict any potential future issue that you may experience with upgrading and save you the trouble of having to experience them in the first place.

We are often at the beck and will of the major manufactures, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe. Once they decide that your software is too old, they will upgrade and release a newer version. Don’t get stuck with a non-supported operating system or application, don’t give the hacker a chance to get it. Simply ask our trained staff on the next steps. We will offer you a seamless transition onto the new platform.

Any why not take advantage on all the new feature that the new software comes with, we will happy to assist you with it all. We take pride in being trained on all the latest software and additions there are to offer. So why don’t you also take advantage of it and get ahead of your competition or cut your workload in half. From the time you purchase the software to the time you become an expert, Altech will be there all the way to give you the support you deserve.

ALTECH will make sure that you only get the necessary upgrades and extensions to keep your business running at its best, so that you do not spend money on things that you don’t need.


ALTECH recommend that you keep your systems running and have them checked regularly, we can do that for you. You wouldn’t let your car run for years without regular maintenance, the same goes for your computers and networks. A regular service can pick up on potential future problems that can be avoided and save you money.

Bring in the computer for a service, we will guarantee that it will be faster and much more reliable then when it came in. A simple service could just be the answer. Don’t wait until the computer grinds to a halt to bring it in or have one of our friendly staff come out and see you.

Our qualified staff service computers and devices everyday. Who would be the better technician, one that services 1 computer a week or one that services 10 a day? We only have the 10 a day guys, that really know their stuff. Our clients trust us and have so for over 25 years. Why not give Altech a go and see why they are so happy and loyal to us.