Social Management

It seems that each day there is a new social network. Are they all important? which ones do you need to be part of? These are all pertinent questions that demand an answer. Pick the wrong ones and you will be wasting your time, money and effort.

Some business look at social media as free advertising. They couldn’t be more wrong. Even if your not paying money for posting and your doing it yourself, your time is worth something, isn’t it? It could take you hours to create a good post, how much is your time worth?

If you start posting on the wrong networks for your business, you are posting content and it may very well be good content, which is going to the wrong place and more importantly to the wrong audience. If your customers and potential customers are on Google Plus or Linked In what’s the point of posting in Facebook? Your Customers are not going to see all of your great stuff.

I’m sure you’ve heard of outsourcing overseas, everybody is doing it….. well what are the results?

Pick the team that knows what they are doing, pick the local guys. At Altech we have been around for a while and we have seen the birth, rise and fall of different social players. We know the right ones and we know what to say on the different platform, we can get it out there for you.

Most importantly, we can get you customers.

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