Virus & Spyware

Computer Virus’ are getting more advanced, that’s why we keep a step ahead.

In 1995 the first Macro virus, called “Concept”, is created. This is also when Altech IT was founded. So you can actually say “We have been around for as long as the virus”.

So you can rest easy, if you do get a virus we will take care of it, if we haven’t seen it or any of its relatives we will find it and destroy it from the core.

We have a reputation for being able to remove your virus, malware or spyware without having to reformat your drive. You won’t have to reinstall all your software and you won’t lose your data.

  • An unwanted bit of malicious code can cripple your entire system.
  • A computer virus can cost you thousands of dollars in time, business and data.
  • Altech’s track record speaks for itself, There is no virus that our team can’t handle.

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Have you experienced any of the following :

  • Has your system become very slow and takes a long time to respond?
  • Are there programs opening and running that you see popping up at startup and other times. Programs that you know you didn’t install?
  • Are you getting weird or strange looking emails or emails with unknown extensions?
  • Has your anti-virus software stopped working or is not responding?
  • Windows simply wont start.
  • Are you getting popups and ads appear that you are powerless to stop?
  • Are there strange links appearing in you browser where content should be, that re-direct you to ad’s?
  • Are you finding it impossible to install new anti-virus software?
  • Your computer keeps randomly or repeatedly restarts.
  • Are you getting memory errors or computer errors?

your computer may already be infected. It is important to keep your computer and network clean and free of virus and malicious software. Altech will clean and remove each and every threat and stop it from reappearing and re infecting your system.

….at ALTECH virus removal is much more than just REMOVAL.

Sometimes your system will have malicious bots embedded. Your system can be infected by a time release virus, this can be invisible until automatically or manually released over the internet. Further scanning, maintenance and security optimisation must be done to ensure that you are clean across your system and network. We can also restore previous data and software so that you and your business are not affected by any losses.

ATTACK over the internet …ALTECH can help.

The only way to stay secure on a computer is not to be connected to the network from any machine on your network. Or have the EXPERTS at ALTECH come and make sure that all of your preventive security is up and running to its optimum capacity, so that you can surf or work on the internet FREELY and SECURELY.

PREVENTION is a lot easier and cheaper than the CURE….

Relax and ALTECH can do it all for you, so that you can rest easy. Knowing that you are fully secure, whatever you do in in the digital world.

Simply sending email or sharing files and images online can be a threat. That email that you received, opened but didn’t know the sender. Unless you are prepared and protected that simple email can bring your entire system down.

ALTECH will help your business stay SECURE in other ways…

our expert team can coach and support your staff in internet security on a human level, such as passwords and naming of files, images and documents.

Our guys and girls will set up system so that your systems cant be compromised with simple access passwords.

ALTECH can prevent anyone from accessing your system via 3rd party devices such as iPhones, Androids, SD cards and USB drives.

With ALTECH Professional Trained and Certified Security Team doing your PROTECTION you will have:

  • Application of total security across your entire system software, hardware and (5)
  • Full spectrum, deep PENETRATION testing with a detailed REPORTING.
  • Full security auditing and advice.
  • Complete network monitoring and protection.
  • HACKER detection and prevention.
  • Virus, spyware and malicious code prevention and detection.
  • Total Server security with “ALC”  tools for Public domains & Servers